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John-Luke Addison is a American-Canadian pianist, music director, conductor, and composer, and has been music director or pianist for several international theatrical productions, including at the Shaw Festival (ME AND MY GIRL, ANDROCLES AND THE LION, 1837: THE FARMERS REVOLT, CHITRA), Sheridan College (IF/THEN), Drayton Entertainment (DAMN YANKEES), Lighthouse Festival (ONE MOMENT NAT’L TOUR), as well as at Showboat Festival, Theatre Collingwood, Theatre Aquarius, Garden City Productions, and many more. He is also Director of Music and Organist at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in San Diego, has been Director of Music for for several choirs and churches, and has had published compositions performed internationally, including by the Canadian Opera Company and San Francisco Opera Company (SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: A SALIERI AND MOZART REDUX), Yellow Door Theatre Project (ROBIN HOOD, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS), Shaw Festival (CHITRA, 1837: THE FARMER'S REVOLT, ME AND MY GIRL, WEREWOLVES), and The Assembly Theatre (GRIMLY HANDSOME). John-Luke is a doctoral candidate with the University of Oxford (in affiliation with the Graduate Theological Foundation), has a graduate degree in Music Composition from York University, and was the Music Intern at the Shaw Festival for the 2017 season. In 2018, he moved to San Diego, California with his wife, Michelle.

"My musical interests are quite widespread and encompass different aspects of the musical realm, including composition, conducting, performing, and teaching. As a composer, I specialize in writing dramatic and programmatic material, and have been increasingly interested in creating music that blends musical themes and figures from various cultures and genres. As a pianist, my performance style is entrenched within the music of the rhythmic genre, including blues, jazz, and contemporary style. However, my training in Classical repertoire is evident in embellishments and improvisation within my performance, creating a unique musical hybridity. As a conductor, I am particularly interested in theatrical music, as I specialize in conveying emotion through each ensemble I direct. Music and drama are kaleidoscopic landscapes of emotion, cultural expressions of diversity, and use their quiet magnitude to transcend the human condition. My artistry attempts to localize these elements to elicit organic emotional responses, and express my inner portmanteau of sentiment and feeling."